Wednesday, 21 November 2007

the unknown end of a trapped dandelion..

A trapped dandelion..
A naughty breeze that took it so near the flower..
A disappointed spider, waiting for food, and capturing just a delicate traveller..
Some say it went on its flight, after an understanding photographer came, and freed it....
Some say it stayed there, waiting to see how buds would open in all beauty...
No one.. no one will know the truth..


Giancarlo Guzzardi said...

petali rossi e densi come carne

blackberry winter said...

Tus imágenes no son objetos que tu cámara captura...son pedacitos de tu alma, oscuros o luminosos, que vos, mágicamente, hacés aparecer aquí y allá, para crearlos y retratarlos

que siga esa magia, sil, que este año que llega la sigas derramando por el mundo