Wednesday, 14 November 2007


I don’t like cemeteries, I don’t believe in going to see a piece of soil where just a body was buried once.. as much as i don’t believe in afterlife..

But when I was at Vienna, i had to go to its cemetery. I saw so many people here, stopping.. some just shooting an image to say: "I was there".. but others, like me, feeling a deep emotion that words cant describe…

Well, why not to think that an artist, that a piece of his soul, may stay there! Why not to think that each flower, that each image made, that each tear, as those that fulfilled my eyes at that time and are appearing now when I write… … all are applauses!

I felt the soul of my beloved Beethoven there.. and I thanked him, deeply, for so much pleasure, for so much melancholy.. for so deep sorrow and happiness that his music brought to me..

Maybe now, when I decide to show this image, I am only clapping him.. again and again.. with the silent emotion of my soul..

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yralim said...

je comprends très bien ce que tu veux dire et ce que tu ressens et la façon dont tu nous le fais ressentir, avec ton âme et tes mots pleins d'émotion...