Thursday, 18 September 2008

Invitation to "the beauty beneath"

Galería Colorida, from Lisbon,Portugal has invited me to show my work, from September 20th to October 18th.
i am really happy! =)
I've chosen shells..
title is: The beauty beneath..

why?.. just because: "At the beach, we usually love what we see…foamy waves sliding on the moonlit sand, warm sunsets spreading their magic reflections…

But the sea has a beneath, just to make us remind that beauty is not only at the surfaces "


Alban said...

Hi my dear.

We wanted to go tomorrow but the gallery is closed on sundays. :(

We will go there next saturday :)


Luis e Cátia

ayoussef47 said...

The beauty is there, deep down in the soul, but the eyes are the windows from which you can look at this inner world.
Always underneath the surface is something hidden, more true, more pure.
A. Youssef