Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Laila and Majnoun

Maybe her name is Laila?.. maybe she’s waiting for her Majnoun?..
Ahmad Shawqi is the only poet in the Arab literary tradition who was granted the title of " Amir al- Sho’araa’, literally the ‘Prince of Poets.
One of his works,the play "Majnoun Laila", or " Laila’s Love Lunatic" says at some verses..

Men turn as they pray to the holy place;
To Laila’s home I turn my face.
Twice people say their prayers at dawn;
When I think of her’
I know not the times I repeat my own,
Laila hid behind a crowd;
Her lip betrayed a smile,
Like the break of morn,
Or the sun as it shone.

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zoe said...

It is always a great pleasure to read your writings, to look at your pictures. I feel as I re-found something lost for a while...