Saturday, 15 September 2007

just for a woman's love..

A tango poet, Homero Expósito, wrote once some verses about a woman that had left him, at the tango : Flor de Lino

Flax's flower, I see you in the star
that illuminates the track
of my solitude...
absence flower, your memory
always hunts me
through my eternal longing's night.

Many centuries before, and with the same pain at his heart, a man arrived at this place I shot, when these stones and walls were a palace.. he begged his brother reigning here to help him to have again his wife, kidnapped by a shepherd/ prince..
I don't know which words he used, but he was convincing... an army departed.. thousand of men fought for ten years a terrible war.. gods flying and blood spreading over far fields overseas.. finally, he recovered her..

So, this image, taken at Mycenae, Greece is for Agamemnon, the understanding brother... Menelao, the sad husband.. the two Homer, the tango poet and the epic genius.. for the one, whose name wasnt flax's flower, but Helena.. and for the souls of all soldiers and warriors from both sides dead at Troy, following a crazy adventure , just for a woman's love..

image and text © silvia marmori

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mircea said...

agamemnon can be proud... and we can learn some about him; thanks and good day